editorial design

my bachelor project – a book documenting the heirlooms and the history of the Family Widnmann

the aim of the project was also to order the family history and update the family tree and add the remaining members of the family

a redesign of the poster for the exhibition of Kendell Geers in Munich

book cover redesign for three philosophical works

a redesign for a poster for my local bouldering gym

posters on etiquette and table manners

cover redesigns for three novels

a diary documenting the daily mood in colours

infographics and web design

a few examples of my commissioned work for Focus Online, Chip.de, Netmoms and others

a landingpage for a Hugo Boss campaign on Focus Online

an infographic on the history of Italian city of Aquileia which became part of an article on Focus Online


a landing page about the mutation of the coronavirus. This was a group project (the layout of the page and the graphics for the different varieties of the virus were done by me)

ads for clients advertising on chip.de, netmoms and Focus Online

an infographic on digestive problems in babies

motion design

an animation for the intro to a video

an animation to illustrate users interacting via a messenger app

another intro animation

typography, logo and icon design

a font made from blackletter typefaces used in Munich

a font inspired by the hebrew alphabet

a logo for my first website

icons created inline with the Google icon guidlines

a logo illustration emphasizing security and family values


a small collection of my most recent illustrations



This is the portfolio of Jakob Hauser. I am a graphic-designer and Illustrator. I studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich.

At the moment I’m working for BurdaForward Advertising.

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